We are Mtech Access, a global market access and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy supporting top pharmaceutical companies, med tech innovators and the wider life sciences industry. Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in ensuring that life-enhancing interventions are available to the patients who need them.

Mtech Access do this by helping clients overcome reimbursement and regulatory barriers to access, supporting product launches and effectively communicating product value to healthcare decision makers. Our comprehensive range of evidence-based market access solutions are informed by industry and technical expertise paired with real-world insights.

This all supports our shared commitment to making our clients’ projects successful and delivering optimal outcomes for patients. We pride ourselves on delivering work of the highest quality, exceeding expectations and working in a flexible, pragmatic way in partnership with our clients.

Today, we have offices in Bicester, Manchester, York, Cambridge and Newcastle. We are privileged to have a team of 70+ (and growing) amazing colleagues who share our vision and ethos of becoming the greatest pioneers in our field!

Mtech Access is an ethical company and maintaining our integrity in business is of the utmost importance. We promote a people-first ethos which defines our culture and how we treat our employees and clients.

We aim to create an egoless working environment that supports and encourages excellence and rewards commitment, engagement, and high performance.

In project delivery, our ethos is one of flexibility and collaboration. Every client challenge is different, and so requires an open-minded and flexible approach to meet it.

“Mtech Access was founded out of the desire to return to an environment where ‘red tape’ can be removed, flexibility with our clients can be encouraged and innovation can thrive.” – David Niziol, Managing Director, Mtech Access


Mtech Access team

David Niziol

Managing Director

As the founder of Mtech Access and with over 20 years’ experience, David brings technical expertise and strategic insight to the digital communication of value for healthcare technologies… Read more

As the co-founder of Mtech Access, Anthony brings over 15 years’ experience to the review, critique and development of global and health technology assessment-directed health economic models and budget impact tools… Read more

A true “Techie”, Andrew brings 20 years of programming expertise and client facing experience to help deliver our digital communication tools and platform solutions… Read more

Philip Watts

Philip Watts

Chief Commercial Officer

Philip has held a variety of senior leadership positions in sales, marketing, and operations, and has over 30 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and medical devices… Read more

With 15 years spent in the industry, Sam provides strategic consultancy, project management and writing expertise to our clients, specialising in value communication materials, such as health technology assessments and global value dossiers… Read more

Lydia Crowe


With a background in health economics and medical writing, and more than 16 years’ experience in market access, Lydia specialises in the scoping and development of digital, data-driven field-force value communication materials and models… Read more

Andy Buckland

Director, Medical Writing

Drawing on 18 years’ experience in the industry, Andy provides writing expertise and strategic direction to shape market access communication materials, specialising in health technology assessments and global value dossiers… Read more

Stephen puts 12 years of experience to work in the intellectual planning, design and strategic direction of standalone and health technology assessment-related systematic literature reviews… Read more

Sarah Batson


Sarah leads our statistical analysis capability, backed by six years’ consultancy experience and MSc training in Medical Statistics… Read more

With extensive experience spanning market access consultancy and management roles in the NHS and charity sectors, Rachel provides tailored, insightful, strategic consultancy to our clients… Read more

Adam Brown


Adam has more than 12 years’ experience in consultancy, with significant expertise in the delivery and strategic leadership of global market access, pricing and payer strategy engagements…. Read more

David Thorne

Director of NHS Insights & Interaction

David combines 40 years’ experience of NHS and market access roles to bring authenticity to our consultancy and the internal development of our client programmesRead more

Sam Davies


Sam brings a blend of market access experience from public, consultancy, and industry perspectives to the Mtech Access Global Market Access Team… Read more 

Tom Clarke

Director, NHS Insights & Interaction

Tom uses his 15 years’ experience working within both the NHS and healthcare industries to drive value-oriented collaboration using educational and consultancy approachesRead more

Clare Foy


Clare is an experienced pricing and market access professional, skilled in advising clients regarding market opportunities, guiding strategic direction, and managing the preparation of effective market access communications targeted to the right audience. Read more

Iain Shield

Digital Value Communication Consultant

With over 15 years’ experience in developing, delivering and managing digital projects, Iain specialises in digital market access tools… Read more

Richard White

Senior Developer

As a founding member and technical lead within the Mtech development team, Richard continually aims to find innovative solutions to our clients’ market access challenges, including the integration of payer communication tools into Veeva… Read more

Hannah Gillies

Consultant Health Economist

Hannah is an experienced health economist who works with clients to design, develop and review cost-effectiveness and budget impact models, ranging from payer communication iPad tools through to economic evidence for HTA submissions… Read more

Helen Smethurst

Technical Lead – Medical Writing

As an experienced medical writer, Helen provides writing expertise across a range of market access materials, ranging from health technology assessments and global value dossiers, through to payer leave pieces and iPad tools… Read more

Dan Smith

Senior Developer

Dan works closely with our health economists to help deliver innovative digital solutions to our client’s market access challenges, including the development of our payer communication tools… Read more

Roderick Walker

Senior Medical Writer

Rod contributes medical writing expertise across a range of market access deliverables, including health technology assessments, global value dossiers, payer leave pieces, and bespoke value communication materials… Read more

James Woolnough

Senior Medical Writer

James contributes medical writing expertise across a range of market access deliverables, including health technology assessments, global value dossiers, payer leave pieces, and bespoke value communication materials… Read more

Catherine Mitchell

Senior Consultant - Systematic Review

Catherine is an experienced systematic reviewer and has developed, delivered and managed reviews in a broad range of disease areas…Read more

Alex Marsden

Value Communications Lead Writer

Alex contributes medical writing expertise across a range of market access deliverables, including bespoke value communication materials, interactive visual aids, global value dossiers, and payer leave pieces…Read more

Karen Pickering

Senior Health Economist

Karen contributes economic modelling expertise, including cost-effectiveness analysis and budget impact analysis, for a range of clients…Read more 

Pollyanna Ford

Technical Lead – Systematic Review

Pollyanna has over 7 years’ experience in the design and delivery of systematic literature reviews and specialises in the identification of economic and quality of life evidence…Read more

Orla Fannon

Senior Medical Writer

Orla is a medical writer with expertise in science communication and public engagement… Read more

Ewan Bennett

Associate Director – Global Value Communications

Ewan provides extensive experience in writing and managing market access projects such as value propositions and health technology assessments, with particular experience in rare diseasesRead more

Éanna Connaughton

Senior Medical Writer

Éanna contributes medical writing expertise across a range of market access deliverables, including health technology assessments, global value dossiers, payer leave pieces, advisory boards, and bespoke value communication materialsRead more

Laura Mathers

Market Access Analyst

Laura is an Analyst working in the Market Access team… Read more

Dan Howard

Principal Health Economist

Dan is an experienced health economist with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of cost-utility models and payer tools from initial conceptualisation to adaptation, in both early disease modelling and HTA submissions… Read more

Emily Mair

Client Services Manager

Emily has widespread experience in commercial strategy, business development and client relations, and has worked across all stages of the pharmaceutical development pipeline from phase I through to phase IV activities… Read more

Lily Sanders

Marketing Manager

Lily provides marketing expertise to coordinate and deliver our marketing strategy… Read more 

William Muckley

Systematic Review Analyst

William is an analyst working in the systematic review teamRead more

Sneha Bhadti

Systematic Review Analyst

With a background in biomedical sciences and health economics, Sneha contributes to all aspects of the systematic review processRead more

Medi Stone

Systematic Review Analyst

Medi is an analyst working in the Systematic Review team… Read more

Neil Davies

Senior Health Economist

Neil is an experienced health economist with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of economic models, policy tools, and utility and preference elicitation studies across multiple disease areasRead more

Claire Spencer

Health Economist

Claire is an experienced health economist with hands-on experience in the development of economic models, policy tools, and Delphi panels across multiple disease areasRead more

Emily Hardy

Systematic Review Analyst

Emily is an analyst working in the systematic review team… Read more

Mai Ping Tan

Senior Medical Writer

Mai Ping joined Mtech Access in 2020 as a senior medical writer, contributing to projects on health technology assessments and developing value communication material.Read more

Rebecca Sullivan

Senior Medical Writer

Rebecca contributes medical writing expertise across a range of market access deliverables such as health technology assessments and bespoke value communication materials.Read more

Rob Taaffe

Associate Consultant

Rob is an experienced senior analyst, having worked across range of market access deliverables and disease areas… Read more

Heather Wellam

Senior Consultant

Heather is an experienced market access consultant who aims to combine insights and expertise to help our clients make informed decisions about their brand challenges.Read more

Amy Holden

Finance & Office Administrator

With over nine years’ experience in the finance industry, Amy manages most aspects of Mtech Access’ accounting functionsRead more

Calum Jones

Consultant Health Economist

Calum is an experienced health economist both in project management and leading the technical development of full and partial economic evaluationsRead more

Daniel Macdonald

Health Economist

Daniel is an experienced health economist with a background in health economic models, statistical analyses, Excel tool creation, and market access and organisational strategy... Read more

Hannah Palin

Senior Consultant

Hannah is an experienced market access consultant with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of market access strategy and deliverables, across all stages of the product lifecycle … Read more

Shona Lang

Senior Consultant

Shona has over 10 years experience performing systematic reviewsShe has extensive knowledge of the design, conduct, and management of review projectsShona provides consultancy to clients to ensure their evidence needs are met.Read more

Fin Bosworth

NHS Insights Assistant

Fin is an assistant working with the NHS Insights team.Read more

Liz Rusk

NHS Insights Relationship Manager

Liz is an experienced adult nurse and teacher and joined Mtech Access in August 2020 to build and maintain relationships within the NHS Insights and Interaction team.Read more

Helen Lilley

Senior Medical Writer

Helen has medical writing experience across a broad range of market access deliverables, including global value dossiers, health technology assessments, value communications materials, and advisory boards.Read more

Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift

Systematic Review Consultant

Stephanie has broad experience in conducting large, complex systematic reviews and specialises in generating evidence for oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative disease indications... Read more

Regina Leadley

Systematic Review Consultant

Regina has 9 years’ experience in the design, conduct, and management of systematic reviews.  She works in our evidence synthesis team to support clients during the market access process... Read more

Ryan Booth - Graphic Designer

Ryan Booth

Graphic Designer

Ryan is a passionate and creative designer with 7+ years’ experienceRead more

Tina Teague

Senior Consultant

Tina has nearly 20 years of experience in a range of senior positions in the NHS, including commissioning and operational management. Tina also has experience in the acute sector, having carried out strategic operational roles with oncology and cardiology services... Read more

Amanda Siebols

Director - Operations and Compliance

Amanda has 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and has been supporting agencies in compliance and operations for several years, ensuring legal obligations are upheld and formalising best practices..Read more

Edgar Khayat

Market Access Analyst

Edgar has global experience in pricing and market access strategies for medical technologies, drugs, and vaccines..Read more

Katie Mulholland

Associate Consultant

Katie brings a wealth of experience towards developing an extensive variety of market access deliverables, ranging from value communication tools to pathway mapping and working directly with NHS customers... Read more

Charlotte Willis

Associate Consultant

Charlotte has extensive, hands-on experience in the development and delivery of market access projects, ranging from value communication tools to stakeholder mapping and pathway analysis... Read more

Janine Ross

Janine Ross

Consultant Information Scientist

Janine has over 20 years’ experience as an information scientist and 8 years’ experience in systematic reviews. She specialises in evidence identification and retrieval for complex systematic reviews... Read more

Harriet Lacey

Senior Editor

Harriet works across the company providing editorial support in all areas, ensuring accuracy and consistency are always maintained… Read more

Gillian Worthy

Consultant Statistician

Gillian has 11 years’ experience in conducting systematic reviews. She is also an experienced medical statistician and is interested in the statistical methods used in health technology assessment... Read more

Nicholas Swart

Senior Health Economist

Nick has worked as a health economist since 2015 and has experience in a broad range of disease areas and applying a range of economic and statistical modelling techniques... Read more

Gary Hughes

Senior Consultant

Gary has 13 years’ experience as a leader, manager and educator within primary care, and has developed an in-depth understanding of the sector, understanding what is required to deliver success... Read more

Mtech Access Health Services Faculty - a cross-section of our associates from the frontline of the NHS

Liz Cross

Faculty Member

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Liz is an award-winning advanced nurse practitioner, non-medical prescriber, and Queens NurseRead more

Hilary Snowdon

Faculty Member

Management Lead for West Northumberland Primary Care Network
Manager of Hadrian Primary Care Alliance
Director of Strategy at TyneHealth

Hilary has over 30 years’ experience in primary care and is currently ‘living and breathing’ PCNs and GP Federations... Read more

Patrick McGinley

Faculty Member

Head of Costing & Service Line Reporting, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Patrick is an experienced Cost accountant, and Service improvement teaching associate… Read more