We are Mtech Access, a market access consultancy with a difference. We deliver Evidence and Value services hand-in-hand with innovative Digital solutions. We are one team, with one vision – to improve how value is communicated so patients get access to the treatments they need.


We offer services to global and national market access teams who need to generate evidence, demonstrate value and communicate effectively to payers. Our team of in-house health economists, writers, analysts, developers and consultants are experienced and skilled, and ready to help you with your latest market access challenge.


Payers are only convinced by evidence. So, before we think about how we are going to communicate, we need to understand what we have to say. Our team of experienced evidence-based scientists will assess your existing evidence, identify gaps, and develop fresh clinical and economic insights to support your access strategy.

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Healthcare globally is shifting from volume- to value-based approaches. Our communication experts will develop the core value proposition to support your product. Our health economic modellers will quantify the financial benefits of product adoption. Our consultants will guide you through health technology assessments (HTA), where evidence and value determine access decisions.

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We live in a digital age. Payers expect data to be dynamic and customisable. Companies need to track field-force activity and return-on-investment at the click of a button. Our experienced digital team are world-leaders in developing engaging, interactive value communication tools for use with payers and clinicians.

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Latest news

At Mtech Access we are always striving to engage with the wider market access community and share our thoughts on the latest industry issues or methods development.


Becoming a consultant: nature or nurture?

A question I have been asked in the past is “Can you teach someone to be a consultant?” And the answer? Well, of course you can – but only up...

Novel approach to the network meta-analysis of survival data

‘Time to event’ or ‘survival’ is an important endpoint used in efficacy assessments of medical interventions, particularly in disease areas such as oncology. The Cox proportional hazards (PH) model is…


Modelling Categorical Data in Network Meta-Analysis

Continuous outcomes data from trials may be categorised using pre-defined cut-offs to generate ordered categorical outcomes data. Usually the percentage of patients who have improved by certain thresholds are reported…

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