Value and Access

Strategy and insight

In a highly dynamic and evolving global healthcare environment, demonstrating the value of your product is key to ensuring patient access and achieving commercial success. Our experts will support you in understanding the market landscape and value of your product, and in developing robust value, market access and pricing strategies, as well as developing and validating value propositions.

Value demonstration strategy

A clear, well-informed value strategy should define a pathway to demonstrating the value of your product to all relevant stakeholders. The value strategy should be intrinsically linked, and usually form part of, the overall evidence generation strategy to make sure any value argumentation is underpinned with the right evidence.

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Market access and pricing strategy

A successful market access and pricing strategy should take into account the many potential interactions between the different stakeholders and the product in question. We can support you in the development of your overall strategy, and also in the many activities and elements that feed into, and underpin, that strategy.

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Value proposition development and testing

To gain market access, payers must be convinced of the value of your product. However, stakeholders across markets perceive value differently and often have unique evidence requirements to support their decision-making process. As such, a core value proposition needs to be targeted and evidence-based, but also flexible enough to accommodate different market needs. Value propositions need to be informed by robust evidence reviews, stakeholder research, insights and strategy.  

Our comprehensive approach to developing a value proposition will prepare you for market launch and the payer negotiations that follow.

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Landscape and situation analysis

Understanding the current and future market landscape for a particular product or therapy area is essential in identifying the access opportunities and hurdles that may exist. Developing a comprehensive overview of the treatment, access and reimbursement, and pricing landscape ensures that your evidence generation, value and market access strategies are underpinned by sound market insights.

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Primary research and advisory boards

By utilising our broad network of expert payers, clinicians and other stakeholders across many global markets, we can conduct insightful and meaningful primary research to inform many market access activities, including value proposition validation, product profile and evidence requirement insights and pricing potential. Our team has extensive experience of moderating advisory boards, workshops, expert panels and one-to-one interviews.

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