Healthcare globally is shifting from volume- to value-based approaches. Our communication experts will develop the core value story to support your product. Our health economic modellers will quantify the financial benefits of product adoption. Our consultants will guide you through health technology assessments where evidence and value determine access decisions.

'Clarity and focus drive value'

Value proposition development

To gain market access, payers must be convinced of the value of your product. However, stakeholders across markets perceive value differently and often have unique evidence requirements to support their decision making processes. This means that a core value proposition needs to be targeted and evidence-based, but also flexible enough to accommodate different market needs.

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Value dossiers

Global value dossiers play an integral role in synchronising evidence and messaging for market access teams. These tools need to be robust and comprehensive, yet accessible and easy-to-read. However, many times they are bloated, hard-to-use and, consequently, ignored by affiliates. At Mtech Access, we understand the challenges involved with compiling message-centric evidence dossiers that work to support affiliates in their reimbursement negotiations.

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'A mountain of evidence need not be an obstacle'

'Connect payers to your value claims'

Budget impact modelling

Communicating the financial impact of your product to payers is a vital step in market access negotiations worldwide. However, very often these models can become overcomplicated and hard to use. Our in-house health economics team are global leaders in developing budget impact models that communicate value clearly and transparently, facilitating effective payer negotiations.

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Health technology assessment

In many key markets, gaining approval by national health technology assessment (HTA) bodies is critical to commercial success of a new product launch. Typically, companies need to prepare and submit comprehensive evidence dossiers and economic models to HTA bodies, before negotiation on access conditions can begin. Successful submissions integrate clinical and economic messaging effectively, while presenting robust and transparent evidence summaries and economic models.

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'Overcome the barriers to access'