We live in a digital age. Payers expect data to be dynamic and customisable. Companies need to track field-force activity and return-on-investment at the click of a button. Our experienced digital team are world-leaders in developing engaging, interactive value communication tools for use with payers and clinicians.

Payer toolkits & economic models

Our digital payer value toolkits & budget impact models allow field-based teams to concisely communicate product value and impact of adoption to payers and healthcare decision makers. Typically delivered via Veeva/iPad, our tools are interactive, engaging and flexible, allowing representatives to run different scenarios depending on the audience. At Mtech Access, our team of developers work seamlessly with our market access writers, health economists, analysts and consultants, so the connection to evidence and messaging is never lost.

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Data visualisation

Interpreting complex data is challenging, but clever use of technology can empower people to generate the insights they need. Our in-house team of developers and communication consultants can analyse real-world datasets and create engaging dashboards and innovative data visualisations, facilitating insightful, data-led decision making in your team.

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Platform solutions

Increasingly, market access teams need to deploy global technology solutions to support their affiliate teams around the world. This may mean working within existing IT infrastructure or building new, bespoke digital solutions to help with the management of information or presentation of messaging and data. With an in-house team of creative developers and programmers, we are an ideal partner to develop bespoke solutions, but also to implement and integrate solutions in tandem with your in-house IT team.

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Veeva partnership

Veeva is the leading, cloud-based business solution for the global life sciences industry. For companies on board with Veeva, all new content and customer engagement materials need to be compliant with these systems. We are a full Veeva Agency Partner and have developed a proven solution to integrate complex, dynamic health economic models into the platform.

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