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Perspectives on medtech market access – from industry to consultancy

Gareth Kennedy, Senior Consultant at Mtech Access, gives a unique insight into what it’s like to move from industry to consultancy. Following over 13 years’ experience of in-house market access, health economics and value communication at a number of medical device and pharmaceutical companies, Gareth joined Mtech Access in January 2020.  Here, Gareth outlines the opportunities, experiences and surprises that have come his way since joining us, as well as his plans for the future.

I have been in a senior consultant role for just over two months now, moving to Mtech Access from a mid-sized medical technology company. I had always admired the work that Mtech Access produced from a client’s perspective and enjoyed working with the team. Their digital expertise mixed with their health economic modelling knowhow was a great mix, and this set them apart from other agencies.

What I enjoy most in this new role is the diversity of different projects and activities that I have been involved in. These include NHS Insights and Interaction days, where a client will visit clinical and managerial NHS staff in their place of work, to better understand their therapy area. The client sees first-hand the challenges NHS staff face in ensuring access to treatment, gaining a deeper understanding of how they can be part of the solution.

I have also had the opportunity to lead projects that involve digital platform building, outcome study management and risk-share proposals, as well as uncovering funding pathways for new diagnostic technologies.

In addition to these varied client projects, I have had opportunities to meet with people in various roles across the NHS, including CCG and PCN leads, GPs, other practice staff, and financial managers of NHS trusts and associated organisations like Care UK. It has been a truly eye opening and enriching experience to engage with these experts within the NHS.

In order to better understand the needs of medtech companies in the market access space, I have also joined the Association of British Healthtech Industries and the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association. These organisations do great work in representing the needs of the industry in the UK and are a vital part of an ever-changing market access landscape.

What has surprised me most over the last few months has been the level of experience that some of my team members have. They have been involved in more HTA submissions in a year than some individual companies will submit in 10 years.

When I worked in the industry, I was keen to explore new approaches but wasn’t always sure how to develop them or even assimilate what we needed. The team at Mtech Access have so much experience between them, you would be surprised by what they know and how they would be able to guide you. For example, we have colleagues who can support you with everything from using digital platforms to demonstrate economic value, to mapping out a full market access strategy with a new technology in a therapeutic area that you are unfamiliar with.

Joining Mtech Access, I expected to learn a lot about the UK healthcare industry and other healthcare systems globally.  The reality has exceeded my expectations.  The links Mtech Access maintain with global market access experts and NHS practitioners bring real-world insight directly into our projects.  There are a lot of changes happening in the NHS landscape particularly. Luckily, at Mtech Access, we have a faculty of NHS staff that keep us in touch with all the crucial changes. These insights inform the proposals we provide for our clients and impact our recommendations on everything from overall strategy to the language that may resonate the most. When I was in industry, I often felt that we developed tools that needed to be deployed to the sales force before there was a chance to test them. Mtech Access has the resources to test models, value propositions and other customer-facing tools, to give you assurance that your key messages are hitting the mark.

My focus at Mtech Access is in the medical device sector, where my goal is to bring our team’s expertise to clients who may not previously have had access to this level of market access support. Over the next few months I will be leading several projects across our market access, health economics and value communication specialisms, to help medtech clients overcome different hurdles in their respective reimbursement and access journeys. I really understand the pressures and challenges faced within the industry, and am looking forward to linking industry partners with the solutions that Mtech Access can offer.

One of the joys of my new role is the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of clients, on a range of technologies with the potential to make a difference for such diverse patient groups. A key driver for me is to help all medtech firms – from start-ups to those leading our industry – to access the support and expertise to bring their technology to patients.

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