To gain market access, payers must be convinced of the value of your product. However, stakeholders across markets perceive value differently and often have unique evidence requirements to support their decision making process.

This means that a core value proposition needs to be targeted and evidence-based, but also flexible enough to accommodate different market needs. Often developed initially as a slide deck, value propositions need to be informed by solid research, insights and strategy, and are more than just a “message writing job”.

Our comprehensive approach to developing a value proposition will prepare you for market launch and the payer negotiations that follow:

  • Understand the commercial strategy
  • Review of supporting evidence
  • Identification of relevant stakeholders & classification of decision drivers
  • Identification of evidence gaps
  • Evidence sourcing
  • Development of core key messages and categories
  • Draft core value proposition and modelling
  • Customer validation
  • Local market variations

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