Global value dossiers (GVDs) play an integral role in synchronising evidence and messaging for market access teams. These tools need to be robust and comprehensive, yet accessible and easy-to-read. However, many times they are bloated, hard-to-use and, consequently, ignored by affiliates.

At Mtech Access, we understand the challenges involved with compiling message-centric evidence dossiers that work to support affiliates in their reimbursement negotiations. Our in-house team of market access writers are experienced in designing and developing GVDs. Their inherent knowledge of current health technology assessment requirements allows them to prepare dossiers that will work for the affiliates that need them, while also ensuring that core messaging is consistently communicated and substantiated.

We also offer interactive solutions to evidence engagement. Our team of developers work hand-in-hand with our writing and consulting team to develop bespoke, interactive solutions empowering global market access teams to manage their evidence and messaging, as well as allowing affiliates to build bespoke dossiers and slide decks.

Contact us today to hear how we can transform how your global and affiliate teams engage with evidence and messaging.