Increasingly, market access teams need to deploy global technology solutions to support their affiliate teams around the world. This may mean working within existing IT infrastructure or building new, bespoke digital solutions to help with the management of information or presentation of messaging and data. With an in-house team of creative developers and programmers, we are an ideal partner to develop bespoke solutions, but also to implement and integrate solutions in tandem with your in-house IT team.

Our team of developers, programmers and consultants have been responsible for the launch of many custom platform solutions, supporting market access teams across the globe. All of our platforms allow our clients to create, manage and distribute your own materials from one central location.

Platforms developed include:

  • Value/e-dossier platforms
  • Payer decision databases and analytic platforms
  • Business case generators
  • Dossier builders
  • Toolkit managers (multi-language, data and reference management of digital budget impact models)
  • Data visualisation dashboard builders (see Connected Insights)

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