As the cost of healthcare increases, society’s ability and willingness to pay decreases, and the need to demonstrate the value of new interventions in order to gain adoption is as important as it has ever been. Indeed, evaluating the economic case for a product is at the heart of reimbursement and health technology assessment (HTA) processes worldwide – so developing a robust and appropriate economic argument is often the key to commercial success.

Our senior health economists have >13 years of technical and commercial modelling experience, and lecture health economic modelling principles and techniques at City, University of London. All MSc trained, our modelling team use the latest techniques and methods to ensure that our models are robust and fit-for-purpose in today’s challenging environment.

Our health economic evaluation services include

  • HTA economic models & write-ups
  • Global health economic models
  • Cost-effectiveness/ cost-utility and cost-minimisation analysis
  • Teaching and training materials

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