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  • Health economics

    Health economics

    With ever-increasing pressure on available healthcare budgets worldwide,  the need to demonstrate optimization of health outcomes within a fixed budget is essential.…

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  • iPad & Veeva Health Economic Budget Impact Models & toolkits

    iPad & Veeva Health Economic Budget Impact Models & toolkits

    Our iPad budget impact models and health economic apps allow field-based teams to concisely present product value and impact of adoption. iPad/Veeva budget impact model…

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  • Web models

    Web models

    Web-based models allow commissioners and providers to create their own scenarios and business cases for adoption from a secure login. Once logged…

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  • Objection handler

    Objection handler

    In order to prepare for any engagement in the field, key account managers and sales teams need to understand the local objections that…

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  • Excel Budget Impact models

    Excel Budget Impact models

    Our health economics and writing team will review the available evidence and determine the key value messages for your product. We will…

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  • Global economic modelling

    Global economic modelling

    A core global economic model can represent a cost-effective use of resource and ensure a consistent and coordinated approach when seeking product…

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  • Value proposition development

    Value proposition development

    Value Communication: Value proposition development and Value Dossiers In order for any intervention to successfully penetrate a market its value proposition must…

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  • E-detailers


    Engaging digital medical communications with the right mix of science and creativity. Simply stated, eDetailers are detail aids produced electronically. Serving a…

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  • Printed leave pieces and detail aids

    Printed leave pieces and detail aids

    Printed detail aids are the traditional mainstay for supporting key account managers and sales teams in their engagements with physicians, payers and…

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  • Web design

    Web design

    Beautifully designed responsive product or patient information websites that are compatible on all mobile platforms.

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  • Bespoke mobile app development

    Bespoke mobile app development

    Custom mHealth app development from patient support apps to product information and disease education and everything in-between. Our in-house development team has all…

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  • Data visualisation & dashboards

    Data visualisation & dashboards

    Mtech Access can provide bespoke database solutions to help support your collection and analysis of healthcare related data. Whether you are looking to build…

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  • Custom software development

    Custom software development

    From mobile apps to custom internal and cloud-based enterprise solutions (risk sharing development available). Our in-house development team can help you design and create…

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  • Risk-share projects

    Risk-share projects

    If you require a software system to simplify an internal process or manage a particular problem that life science companies face we would…

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  • UK heath system population plugin

    UK heath system population plugin

    Easily add the ability to select a UK health population to your model Subscribe to up to date UK health population data. The starting…

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  • Toolkit manager

    Toolkit manager

    View usage analytics and manage, data, references and translation for country roll-out Logging into the Mtech Access Toolkit Manager service allows managers to see…

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  • Business case generator

    Business case generator

    Take control over the quality and consistency of globally generated business cases. This online management system allows global and country administrators to:…

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  • Dossier builder

    Dossier builder

    Global and country level management of dossier templates. The online Dossier builder management system provides an intuitive interface that enables global and country administrators to:…

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  • Objection manager

    Objection manager

    Create, manage and deploy digital objection handlers directly to remote users in the field. In order to prepare for any engagement in…

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