Web models

Web-based models allow commissioners and providers to create their own scenarios and business cases for adoption from a secure login. Once logged in users will have access to a dashboard that Mtech Access host. Our clients can host as many models as they wish on their dedicated portal and grant access to individual models and customers as they require.

As web models are self-led tools users may require help navigating through the model and understanding functionality. To support end users a help/tip feature is included that provides in-place prompts for action, where to click, what to change and how to successfully navigate through to the results in a step by step manner. An audio or text-based narrative can also be included.

Administrators of the web-model portal can

  • Send invites for customers to register
  • Register customers for automatic login
  • View usage analytics of who is using the models for follow-up

Web models can be used as a ‘door opener’ to a face to face meeting or to facilitate access to a model post an engagement that was limited on time.

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