iPad & Veeva Health Economic Budget Impact Models & toolkits

Our iPad budget impact models and health economic apps allow field-based teams to concisely present product value and impact of adoption.

iPad/Veeva budget impact model demo »

Mtech Access can provide a comprehensive service from value proposition development and health economic modelling through stakeholder validation, iPad/digital development, training and country roll-out.

Alternatively, we offer a conversion service to convert any pre-existing Excel budget impact models to iPad based models and toolkits. All of our health economic apps can be integrated with existing CRM & CLM systems including Veeva (Level4 Certified). Typical elements of an iPad health economic app/toolkit may include:

  • Select stakeholder profile (Payer, Provider, Clinician, Pharmacist, Surgeon)
  • Value presentation
    • Burden of illness
    • Current management
    • Unmet need (where is current management sub-optimal)
    • Benefits of the proposed intervention and clinical evidence
  • Budget impact model (the economic and clinical impact of adoption for a given population and stakeholder)
  • PDF/Approved Email summary report business case including top line value messages and model results
  • Access to supplementary marketing materials and product information

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