Value proposition development

Value Communication: Value proposition development and Value Dossiers

In order for any intervention to successfully penetrate a market its value proposition must be fully understood by decision makers who approve or influence adoption. Stakeholders within each target market may hold their own perception of value and have unique evidence requirements to support their decision making process.

Our approach to developing a value proposition:

  • Understand the commercial strategy
  • Review of supporting evidence
  • Identification of relevant stakeholders & classification of decision drivers
  • Identification of evidence gaps
  • Evidence sourcing
  • Development of core key messages and categories
  • Draft core value proposition and modelling
  • Customer validation
  • Local market variations

Our Value Communication deliverables include, Core Value Dossiers, e-detail aids, printed flash cards, business cases, leave pieces and
digital toolkits for stakeholder engagement, see iPad Payer Toolkits

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