Excel Budget Impact models

Our health economics and writing team will review the available evidence and determine the key value messages for your product. We will then develop an outline of the modelling solution, as well as a gap analysis on any missing data required and work with you to source the evidence to fill the gaps.
Early feasibility modelling and storyboard development will be presented for your approval before developing the full economic model.

A typical model consists of:

  • Model introduction detailing the decision problem, the current unmet need and the value proposition of the proposed intervention
  • Quantification of the local/regional population/procedure and eligible patient definition
  • Defining the current treatment scenario, patient outcomes, resources consumed and associated costs
  • Defining an alternative treatment scenario including estimated uptake rate of the proposed intervention
  • The difference between the current and alternative scenario in terms of patient outcomes, resources consumed and associated costs concluding in the budget impact (typically over 1, 3 or 5 years)
  • A bespoke summary of model conclusions for the target stakeholder

Mtech Access also provide an Excel model digital conversion service which allows for the swift conversion of Excel budget impact models to iPad and other digital formats. An interactive iPad budget impact model demo tool can be experienced by clicking the following button,

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