Engaging digital medical communications with the right mix of science and creativity.

Simply stated, eDetailers are detail aids produced electronically. Serving a similar purpose to the traditional printed detail aid an eDetailer can vastly improve the impact of the detail aid and offers a more robust and cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

While the general principles for developing an eDetailer are the same as a traditional detail aid by hosting the material in a digital platform a whole host of opportunities are available.

The eDetailer is not constrained with the linear flow of a printed detail aid allowing for Organic story-telling/ navigation, the tailoring of the story to the stakeholder and presenting varying levels of information to allow for limited or extensive engagements.

Whether the tool is produced for a laptop, tablet such as an iPad or as a webpage the content and use of the tool can be constantly managed and tracked to ensure it is optimally supporting the end user and is well receivedĀ in the field.


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